Waterview Park


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July Specials

Friday 13 July


It's winter, it's cold, it's hard to get motivated.... so why not have a sale!!!


Waterview Park have the following doses of semen on sale.  We have limited the quantity of semen on sale so please be quick - fill in a contract and return it via email.


NEGRO - Father of the most exceptional dressage horse in the world, Valegro.  There are 10 doses at $1320/dose.  After July his fee is going to $1540.


VITALIS - An amazing son of the very popular Dutch stallion Johnson.  Vitalis is now with Hans Peter Mindehoud so watch this space!  There are 10 doses available at $990 after which the price will be $1320/dose.


DE NIRO - One of the most popular and proven stallions of all time.  There are 10 doses available at $1500/dose!!  This is a significant saving.


CHEQUILLE Z - A wonderful Grand Prix Stallion with Holsteiner blood.  10 doses at $550!  Usually $995... so almost half price!  Bloody cheap!!! 


Get in quick... make the most of the specials for July - remember, once this allocation has sold we will return the stock to normal prices.