Waterview Park


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An exciting line up of stallions, now it's time for some feedback!

Monday 28 May


We are preparing for the coming season and are really excited about the quality of stallions on offer.  We are always wanting to make the most of every situation so it's time to ask you:


How do you want to buy frozen semen?  Per dose or three doses at a lower dose price per unit?


Do you want to buy frozen on a LFG and then pay a proportional 'service fee'?


Do you want to use low dose inseminations or do you use whole doses?


All feedback is really important.  With this information it's possible to advise our suppliers on the needs of our breeders with the hope of a really 'useable' outcome. 


What else can we do?  Over the next few weeks we will continue with website updates including an idea of stock on hand for each stallion so you know whether there is a wait for shipment or not.


Ok, time to send through the online forms with feedback! On the Online Form, please put in your email address and phone number if you're happy to be contacted.