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Utrillo van de Heffink and Jaguar Mail semen has arrived!

Sunday 4 December


Great news - the Jaguar and Utrillo semen has arrived and cleared customs!  It is now ready for dispatch to breeders.


These stallions are available on fantastic terms thanks to their very generous owner, Bernard le Courtois.  $990 is payable upfront and the balance of $1760 is payable on positive pregnancy test!!  Its a super deal for people wanting a little more certainty - if there is no pregnancy after three inseminations, you dont pay the $1760!


Obviously, there is also the freight charge of $295 to ship it to your vet's clinic. 


The breeding contract for these two stallions will be on the website soon.   In the meantime, email me to have the contract sent to your computer.


Happy breeding!