Waterview Park


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Lissaro van de Helle - semen still available!

Thursday 19 May


Despite the wild accusations of the stallion not being available for breeding, it has been confirmed to us that a shipment of Lissaro van de Helle semen will arrive here in time for this season!  

The collecting duties of this stallion has been reduced to three times per week rather than every day due to the need for him to focus on his training with Edward Gal.  His owners have requested the stallion breed less - not give up breeding totally!  

A sample of the frozen semen will be tested prior to import to ensure quality control. 

The long and the short of the situation is - the semen for Australia is still going ahead and will be imported with a shipment of semen from the sensational young stallion, Voice (DeNiro x Rohdiamant).