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1995, 168 cm
Dark Brown

Price per insemination
dose: $880*

Rohdiamant Rubinstein I Rosenkavalier
Elektia 5 Inschallah
Cancellaresca Inschallah Isreal
Cabarett Nurzeus



Routinier was licensed in 1997 and approved in 1999 at the 100 day stallion performance testing in Neustadt/Dosse, Germany. The quality of the stallions at the 1999 stallion performance test was noted to be the best ever seen, with scores reflecting the test's competitive nature. Routinier completed his stallion test with a score of 113.43, finishing 8th out of the 40 stallions tested. He received two 10.0s and five 9.0s. 10.0s for "Willingness to Perform" and "Overall Ability to Perform" and 9.0s for "Temperament", "Character", "Rideability", "Canter", and "Jumping (U/S)". Although known for his dressage talent, Routinier's jumping scores show his skill and aptitude for jumping as well.


He is a talented horse, with an innate ability for collection and roundness. With extraordinary presence, impressive gaits and natural self carriage, Routinier is a Dressage powerhouse. Routinier's beauty, talent and unyielding desire to please all help to assure his continued great success as a top performance horse. Routinier foals are athletic and noble; distinguished in conformation, type, beauty and brilliant movement in all three gaits. They consistently carry their sire's intelligence, kindness and eagerness to please; all around easy going foals with personality plus. Routinier reliably passes on his wonderful neck & neck set, very good activity in the hindquarters and a lovely shoulder with good reach. With their incredible presence and poise, Routinier sons and daughters are easy to spot in the crowd. Routinier really stamps his foals with all his wonderful qualities.



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*unless otherwise advertised
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International Freight upon application.
Storage for semen purchased through Waterview Park is available for a minimal charge.