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2011, 171 cm

Price per insemination
dose: $990*

Florencio Florestan I Fidelio
Walessa Weltmeyer
Sandro Lady Sandro Hit Sandro Song
Donnerlady Donnerhall



Florenz, was purchased at the auction of the Oldenburg licensing.

At the auction, the beautiful bay stallion displayed the number 57 and has an outstanding pedigree by Florencio - Sandro Hit - Donnerhall - Landadel.

He impressed spectators with his movements and charisma, capturing the attention of many bystanders. Several guests were sure that this stallion would get a premium, but they did not notice his brand; Florenz has a Hanoverian brand, and only Oldenburg dressage horses are able to get a premium at the licensing. Though he was not awarded a premium, it is clear that he has extraordinary movements and is an exciting prospect for both breeding and sport.

In 2014, he was 3rd at the Hanoverian Championships and nominated for the Bundeschampionat.

Florenz passed his 30-days-test with the highest breeding value (calculated from performance tests) of all stallions in 2014, 157 points. His total dressage score was 9.4. He got a 10.0 (walk), 9.0 (trot) 9.25 (canter), 9.5 (rideability,) 9.38 (interieur) and 7.75 (jumping).

Florenz is already winning riding classes with scores up to 9.1 (trot 9.0, canter 9.0, walk 9.0, conformation 9.0, training scale 9.5).

Florenz has an undeniable presence in the ring; his full black coat, elastic movements, animated expression and overall allure combines beauty, talent and personality to create a complete package in this exceptional young stallion.  

Florenz' pedigree unites four of the best sires of recent years: Florencio, Sandro Hit, Donnerhall and Landadel.

The sire, Florencio, was World Champion of young dressage horses in 2004 and 2005. Afterwards, he was sucessful in Intermediate I with Hans Peter Minderhoud. His granddam, state-premium mare Donnerlady, produced the licensed stallion Sandig, by Sandro Hit and the Hanoverian Mare Champion 2014, Fine Lady by Fürstenball.

The great-granddam, state premium mare Landlady, is the dam of Lord of Loxley, by Lord Sinclair. This horse is successful in international Grand Prix with Hans-Peter Minderhoud.

Out of the dam-line, there are the successful show jumping horses Celtas Chidambaram by Kansas (S*** with A. Kuosmanen/FIN), Show Jumper by Staron (B. Mascenti/ITA), Sinlcaire by Singular Joter (T. Utsunomiya/JAP) and Dumbledore by Drosselklang.

Furthermore, the dam-line produced several licensed stallions: Law and Order, by Landadel; Atrejou, by Absatz; Graphito, by Graphit (1.50m-classes with F. Wacker); C'est la Vie, by Cor de la Bryère (1.50m-classes with H. Lugge); Pik Ayolo, by Acobat II (int. 1.50m-classes with N. Steffen/SUI); Quick Check, by Quidam de Revel; Borowski, by Brentano II; and Dynamit de Luxe, by Donnerhall.



Florenz' offspring had their first impressive performance at the 7th Lemerderaner foal show. All of them moved uphill all the time, showed a lot of mechanics and impulsion. The movements were always through the body. Florenz foals are long-legged and modern. They unite the traits every dressage-horse breeder is looking for.

The presented Florenz foals were placed among the first three at the Lemwerderaner foal show 2015.






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