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2003, 167 cm
Trakehner, Westphalian, Rheinlander

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Distelzar Gribaldi Kostolony
ES Gondola II
Distelgold EH Arogno
ES Donauwoge EH Sokrates Patron
SPS Syggi
ES Donauquelle Morgenglanz



Donauzauber is an enthusiastic Distelzar son with spectacular movements, with which he impressed in Neumünster. He also showed himself quite well over jumps, indicating a strong dual purpose sire potential. Sire, Distelzar, is extremely strong-moving in the dressage, and is highly successful in sport. Although Distelzar has been underused as a sire, he has approved stallions in Neumünster every year.Aside from being the mother of the licensed stallion Donaukaiser, elite mare Donauwoge and her premium and state premium daughters Donaukaiserin, Donauglück and Dekade were the winning family of the states show in Lower Saxony. From the same dam line originate the S level show jumpers Donaumonarch and Donauprints, as well as the national champion family from dam Donauquelle in Warendorf 1994.

In 2006 Donauzauber finished his 70 day performance test with a total score of 111.77 points. Elite mares Donauwoge and Donaufürstin are full sisters, so Donauzauber has identical blood with the vice champion of the licensing in Neumünster 2006, Donaugold. Donaugold was best show jumper of his year and finished his very good 30 days performance test with 9, 13 points for rideability. From his first crop of foals Donauzauber provided the outstanding winner of the foals show at the Klosterhof.





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