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1997, 172 cm

Price per insemination
dose: $770*

Corofino Corrado Cor de la Bryere
Valeska IV Fernando
Gina Ginelli Romino Ramiro
Zarah IV Athlet Z



Origin/Performance Record: Coromino was born in the Oldenburg region of Germany in 1997. He was licensed in 1999 & approved in 2000 at the 100 day Stallion Performance Testing in Neustadt/Dosse, Germany. Coromino completed his stallion testing with above average scores, finishing in the top half of the group, 24th out of the 49 stallions tested. In the Dressage and Jumping portions of the test he received almost identical scores, 

showing talent for both disciplines. He received one 10.0 and three 9's; 10.0 for "Willingness to Perform", and 9's for "Ability to Work", "Temperament", and 

"Character". Coromino is a beautiful horse both inside & out. Representative of his Holsteiner foundation, Coromino conforms to the traditional ideal of the 

breed. He has classic good looks with modern refinement, good bone, a beautiful arching neck and amazing athleticism. He is extremely easygoing, coop- 

erative and well mannered; a true gentleman. Impeccable temperament & trainability. Coromino is multi-talented for Dressage, Hunters & Jumpers.  He has 

well balanced, elastic movement with three impressive, large strided, correct gaits suitable for any discipline.


 Coromino foals are both athletic & refined, and like their sire, wonderful movers with three good, pure gaits and flawless character.   His foals show amazing talent for and a love of jumping. Coromino foals have temperaments suitable for the amateur rider with plenty of talent/ability for the professional. Coromino is a versatile sire a he produces both jumping and dressage type foals. Excellent Hunter sire. Coromino reliably passes on 

his wonderful conformation, lovely neck & neck set, powerful legs, and active hindquarter. His offspring are classically beautiful and uniform in their excellent exterior and interior qualities on a wide range of mare types. Coromino tends to add height with average offspring maturing about 16.3-17hh. Wonderful sire to cross with hotter type mares. Foals reliably inherit Coromino s wonderful temperament. Crosses well with both TB mares and heavy WB mares alike


Text from http://www.oldenburghorse.com/book/coromino.pdf 



*unless otherwise advertised
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International Freight upon application.
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